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Subject: Voluntary Contributions
From: meredith lamb mlamb1@..........
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 10:51:40 -0700

GeE777@....... wrote:

> I wasin a hurry at my mail and deleted somthing that said some funds are
> needed for a web site??  I'll help if you let me know again. Merideth Lamb.
> George Erich

Hi George,

Apparently the email was not meant for the PSN email system.
But it brings up a point of any voluntary contributions.
Thats mighty generious of you to offer...but, the only current
voluntary contributions that would be appreciated for, but not
personally sought for, that I know of for the moment, are for:

1.  Larry Cochrane 24 Garden St. Redwood City, CA. 94063
     This is for a new email server, which we are all reaping
     the benefits for.  He has made other contributions to others
     of equipment over time, that also came out of his pocket.
     Indeed the web site (and email server) is "our" main
     communication system.

2.  Sean-Thomas Morrissey  Saint Louis University  Department
     of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences  3507 Laclede Ave.
     St. Louis, MO  63103
     Sean-Thomas has extensively personally paid for materials
     in relation to the development of the STM-8 VBB seismometer.
     He has also became our main teacher and educator in regard
     to instrumention subjects, and has spent alot of time with all
     manner of email subjects and guidance.

This is not to slight the contributions of time, money and effort by
a large number of others over time, both past and present, for a
variety of equipment to/for whomever, and a big variety of other
items.  Actually; its been a pnenomonal group I think.

Take care all,

Meredith Lamb


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