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Subject: Re: Is the Permian extinction tied to a nearby Pulsar star?
From: meredith lamb mlamb1@..........
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 15:13:32 -0700

"Robert W. Avakian" wrote:

> Was on vacation so is a bit late.  Lost in the media hype is a book
> entitled "The Great Dinosaur Extinction Controversy" by Chas. Officer
> and Jake Page.  Copyright 1996 it takes issue with the bollide impact
> theory and calls on some very interesting research and observations to
> counter Alverez and Alverez.  I however, detect some personal anamosity
> towards the Alverezes so maybe it needs to be read with a grain of salt?
> One thing, though, if the collision theroy is correct, wouldn't you like
> to get hold of a copy of the event records?
> Bob Avakian

Hi Bob,

All this stuff is fascinating for sure.  Personally I wouldn't doubt
that the Cretaceous extinction of some 65 million years ago
is mostly tied up with the asteroid and its earth seismic anti-pod
volcanic reaction.  I couldn't even hazard to guess what
magnitude shock wave that could be?

The permian extinction for the moment really seems rather
unique, as no definitive crater exists.  Seems like years ago
someone was saying that a crater exists off of the southeast
land mass of South America in the Atlantic, but I've no followup.
Recently a small 25km crater was found off Norway, but its not
believed to be sufficient.  (Believe that is a BBC reference)
According to another British web site:

The present guess speculate on fluctuations in sea-level, a
change in salinity of the ocean, and volcanic activity; with
climate change being regarded as the most important factor.
I find it rather odd that the aspect of cosmic radiation is not
even considered to any real degree, much of anywhere
with any extinction as a prospective culprit.  Of course in
the professional sciences, its a career risk to present
anything out of the mainstream of acceptable long term

Meredith Lamb


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