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Subject: Re: Passing solar flare geomagnetic shock wave?
From: meredith lamb mlamb1@..........
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 22:24:59 -0700

ChrisAtUpw@....... wrote:

> Dear Meredith,
>     If you go to click on 'on line
> magnetograms' and then on Kiruna, you will find FFT magnetic pulsation
> measurements as well as X, Y, Z  and total field plots. You can also get sky
> camera images.
>     Samnet has the current and yesterdays'  magnetograms
>     There is also extensive coverage on
> and a 'tutorial' on
>     Regards,
>     Chris Chapman

Thanks Chris,

I checked right away, and think I have to withdraw any
geo-magnetic conclusions; there just isn't any realistic match
comparison.  Nice of you to forward the web sites to explore,
and answer the question.

Take care,

Meredith Lamb


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