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Subject: Re: Home Made PCBs
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Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 17:02:06 -0700

Hi Karl,

There is very little advantage in making double sided boards unless you can
make them through-hole plated. It is impossible to get some devices properly
connected to the runs under them. What is important about your information
is the resolution achieved. With good resolution you can use the process
perfected by the Japanese where you use a high resolution layout on one side
and wire jumpers on the other. There are board fab houses that will make
sided through-hole plated boards in lots of 10 for under $5.00 each. Some
have a tooling charge but many do not charge for the setup if your boards
a standard size. You can also save by laying out several circuits on one
and cutting them apart later yourself.

The places to look at are the ones who offer prototype service.  One place I
talked to which was a production house wanted $500.00 tooling fee and
$30.00 each for a minimum of 100 boards. This was their prototype rate.
Where I worked, 10 boards was a production run !!! There are some
that will take your information in the form of a "Gerber File". Most of the
design software programs provide this format. You can then send it to them
modem. There is one in Kentucky (I think) that does it that way and has a 5
delivery. The design programs (Minimum versions) go for under $200.00 Some
of the more professional ones offer a FREE trial cd that has a limitted
of holes. I am somewhat out of touch since retiring but have maintained a
sources for my future use. An internet search should provide plenty of

                     Al  Allworth

On the Beautiful Southern Oregon Coast

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Subject: Home Made PCBs

> For those who want to put their favorite circuits on a PCB, see
> Using high-quality printer paper from an office supply superstore and
> ferric chloride etchant from an electronics store, a friend of mine
> recently made a double-sided board with traces on 0.025" centers.
> Karl Cunningham
> La Mesa, CA.
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