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Subject: Re: Passing solar flare geomagnetic shock wave?
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Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 10:50:19 EDT

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<<  The levitated magnet acts like a (non-physically attached)
 hanging pendulum from the magnetic centering influence of the overhead
 magnet. >>
Hi Meredith,
    Thanks for the explanation of how your diamagnetic horizontal seismograph 
works and for updating your website with the solar wind-speed recording. The 
sudden jump in wind speed and the big spike on the Boulder magnetogram both 
coincide with the big spike on your seismogram. Your seismograph is a pretty 
good magnetometer with sensitivity comparable to the Geological Survey flux 
gate magnetometer in Boulder provided the change in the Earth's magnetic 
field is SUDDEN. This is confirmed by the signature of the bus passing by. It 
is a big hunk of iron that swings the magnetically levitated pendulum putting 
a big spike on the trace but quickly returns to its normal position due to 
damping I assume you provided for it as a seismograph. How far is this 
pendulum from the street where the bus passes by? I see what looks like many 
small spikes, mostly pointing downward, that are probably cars passing by. 
You could check this by watching out the window to see if a big van puts a 
spike on your trace.
Have fun,

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