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Subject: PSN and SDR on the web and in the media
From: Doug Sutherland doug@.............
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 16:38:19 -0700

Some time ago Larry's very cool seismic system was added
to my "sensorium" network. Just wanted to mention that 
Larry and PSN are mentioned in this article:

Also, I had KRON TV at my home on monday and was filmed
on my couch. Larry's SDR was running on a monitor in the 
background. Short clips were shown last week on KRON 
but most of the footage will be used in a future show
called Next Step.

Finally, I made it onto the CBS evening news with Dan
Rather, talking about my "jacketized computer". I hope
to one day figure out how to stream data from Larry's
SDR system to my jacket sleeve display, so I can watch
them squiggly lines while walking the streets of SF :),1597,203652-412,00.shtml

Keep up the good work Larry.


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