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Subject: Re: Home Made PCBs
From: Jack Ivey ivey@..........
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 18:19:14 -0400

I recently used AP Circuits for a run of 8 3"x5" double-sided
boards.  It worked flawlessly and cost about $120. 
($46 + $.65/sq. in.)
There is a schematic capture/layout/autoroute package called
Eagle ( that has a freeware version for non-commercial
projects measuring less than about 3.5" x 4".  It works quite well 
if you only need a small board.

Jack Ivey

"Charles R. Patton" wrote:
> Two places for PCB fab that you might check out are:
> 1) FAR circuits at:
> look at the
> second from the bottom.  $0.50/ for single sided and $0.75 for
> double sided (non-thru hole plated) which is pretty cheap.
> 2) Alberta Printed Circuits (AP Circuits) at:
> This name was mentioned in some discussions as having reasonably priced
> boards.
> I never used either one, but stored the information for the future.  FAR
> circuits is particulary interesting as they have a whole catalog of
> boards from various projects, primarily HAM related.  So it's worth a
> look just for that.  Additionally I kept several posts from the
> electronics discussion groups and put them together in a 33KB ZIP file
> which you can download from:
> There is no index or other HTML pages at that address -- so use the URL
> exactly as shown and you should be able to pull it down.
> This includes discussion on several versions of iron on Xerox
> techniques, information on etching solutions, and sources of PCB design
> software -- both freeware and limited demo versions.
> Regards,
> Charles R. Patton
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