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Subject: Re: Passing solar flare geomagnetic shock wave?
From: CapAAVSO@.......
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 18:39:20 EDT

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<< With enough shielding, then it may
 show somewhat more seismic signals, both here or in the country. >>
Hi Meredith, 
    I have a couple of square feet of 1/32 thick mu-metal. Tell me how much 
you need to shield your seismometer's magnets and I'll cut off a piece and 
send it to you. It will be interesting to see what shielding it can do. I'll 
need your postal mailing address though.
  << Have to confess my ignorance....what does the AAVSO stand
for in your email address?  Your full name?  Any web site? 
Curiosity of course.>>
    AAVSO stands for American Association of Variable Star Observers. AAVSO 
has a solar division that publishes a monthly Solar Bulletin. The current May 
issue of the Bulletin has a recording of the big magnetic storm of 24 May. It 
was made with a homemade torsion-pendulum magnetometer. There are also 
complete instructions how to build a flux gate magnetometer for a little over 
$50. These include the schematic, a circuit board layout, parts list and two 
pages describing how the flux gate works. If you, or anyone else, would like 
a copy, just send me a self addressed envelope at my address below and I'll 
be glad to send a copy.

Casper H. Hossfield
PO Box 23
New Milford, NY 10959

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