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Subject: Re: Fw: John Cole's Mini-Mini Lehman
From: "John Finke" FINKEJE@............
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 09:30:36 -0500

Amateur seismologist should build their own units, not only because it is =
immensely rewarding but also because it requires understanding of the very =
instrument itself.  Thus your point is well taken.

However, by providing our kids (future seismologist, amateur or otherwise, =
scientist, and engineers) with inexpensive, effective instruments we are =
providing a benefit that transcends self-gratification.  I, for one, =
commend John and Frank for their initiative to place these instruments in =
our schools.  Where perhaps, at that level, the focus shouldn't be on the =
instrument so much as the result, i.e., what is the earth doing today?

John Finke

>>>  06/16/00 08:55AM >>>
Hi Frank,
    I'm sure John Cole means well but he has taken the first step =
ruining amateur seismology as a hobby. ____________________________________=

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