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Subject: Re: Fw: John Cole's Mini-Mini Lehman
From: twleiper@........
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 10:36:50 -0400

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000 09:55:54 EDT CapAAVSO@....... writes:
> Hi Frank,
> I'm sure John Cole means well but he has taken the first step 
> toward ruining amateur seismology as a hobby. 


>You fire it up and hook it to SDR and watch for the hoped for

"Hook it to SDR"?

When I was a kid and made my first seismometer I had to make my own drum
recorder, which was a great
bother and required constant tweaking and engineering. Later I found a
couple Esterline Angus recorders, which
simply "hooked up" and worked "out of the box". This development did not
"ruin amateur seismology" for me, yet,
in those days the challenge of designing a suitable recording method was
certainly (at least for me and many others)
far greater than putting together a "garden gate" sensor with some wood,
a magnet and a CRT focus coil.

Further, one might argue that buying an amplifier, A/D card and software
from Larry would "ruin amateur seismology"
as well. My own feeling is that if a school teacher is able to set up a
working and reliable instrument that exposes a
new generation of potential amateurs it will go a long way toward
preserving the art. Hard working dads who are merely
lawyers or brokers (have no technical / manual skills) can "buy" an
interesting project to do with the kids within their
hectic lifestyle. Very few private pilots build their own aircraft (as I
have), and I don't think any less of those who have not.

Hats off to JC!!


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