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Subject: Re: Mu-metal/Permalloy to build your own homemade fluxgate
From: CapAAVSO@.......
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 11:16:26 EDT

Hi Charles, 
    After reading your letter a couple of months ago I went to Best Buy and 
sure enough, there they were all over the parking lot just like you said they 
would be. If they land glue side down they stick to the pavement and the 
sweeper does no dislodge them. I gathered up a pocketful but I didn't try to 
make a fluxgate out of them. They will have been bent peeling them off the 
CDs. Does this destroy their desirable magnetic characteristics? Also the 
problems cutting the metglass into thinner strips sound formidable. Would the 
cut metglass strips then work as well as mu-metal or Permalloy in a fluxgate? 
If so, where would one find out more details how to wind the fluxgate's coils 
(how many turns, etc.) and how to build the oscillator to drive it? 
Best regards,

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