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Subject: Re: Fw: John Cole's Mini-Mini Lehman
From: ChrisAtUpw@.......
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 12:34:10 EDT

In a message dated 16/06/00 14:57:25 GMT Daylight Time, CapAAVSO@....... 
> Hi Frank,
>      I'm sure John Cole means well but he has taken the first step toward 
>  ruining amateur seismology as a hobby. As it is now if you want to record 
>  earthquakes on a simple home-made Lehman you have to get off your butt and 
>  down to Home Depot and buy some pipe fittings and.... 

Hi there Cap,

    Well, not quite. 
    Please consider :-

 1 Some of us are good at making things and some not so good. Can't they to 
join in too?
 2 There have been several kits of parts sold in the past, but they haven't 
spoilt things.
 3 Some of us have been lucky enough to buy an old 'professional' instrument. 
Getting any seismometer installed and working is quite a task. Should they 
stop contributing?
 4 It is easier for a schoolteacher to raise money for a 'proven instrument'.
 5 Many of us have been very grateful that Larry sells ready made electronics 
boards. Few of us are good at everything.
 6  The success of the group has much more to do with learning and willingly 
contributing, than with anything else. THANKS AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU JOHN !

    Chris Chapman

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