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Subject: Re: magnetometers, fluxgates, Metglas
From: "Charles R. Patton" charles.r.patton@........
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 11:14:41 -0700

Darrell Collins asked in a direct email, =93Do you have any drawings of
your device or references to on line sources?=94  So I thought maybe more=

people might be interested in the reference list I have put together on
flux-gates and magnetometers and have inserted below.
Charles R. Patton

Metglas used to be manufactured by Allied Signal, but in checking the
web reference I find they are now owned by Honeywell.  So go to:

Among others, there are selections for anti-theft tags, power and
electronic Metglas.

Go to the United States Patent site at:
or to save some time go to:
which is the page where you just insert the patent number from the list

| +--- BEST
| |   +--Patent No.
| |   |          +----DESCRIPTION
| |   |          |
v v   v          v
1 * 5,608,320 Mirror image differential induction amplitude magnetometer

2 * 5,432,445 Mirror image differential induction amplitude magnetometer

3 * 5,287,059 Saturable core magnetometer with a parallel resonant
circuit in which the W3 DC level changes with a change in an external
magnetic field
4 * 5,239,290 Magnetic cores for saturable core measuring devices and
methods of manufacturing such cores
5 * 5,239,264 Zero-offset magnetometer having coil and core sensor
controlling period of an oscillator circuit
6 * 5,168,223 High sensitivity saturable core magnetic field sensor with
symmetrical structure
7 * 5,124,648 Single winding saturable core magnetometer with field
8 * 5,039,945 Single winding magnetometer with automatic distortion
9 * 4,916,393 Continuous vectorial magnetometer with capacitive
magnetostriction pickup and gradiometer involving the application of
this pickup
10 * 4,859,944 Single-winding magnetometer with oscillator duty cycle
11 * 4,851,775 Digital compass and magnetometer having a sensor coil
wound on a high permeability isotropic core
12 * 4,733,181 Single-winding magnetometer with Schmitt trigger output
13 * 4,728,888 Magnetometer with time coded output of measured magnetic
14 * 4,724,390 Non-superconducting apparatus for detecting magnetic and
electromagnetic fields
15 * 4,626,782 Magnetometer operated at a self-resonant frequency by a
sense winding
16 * 4,447,776 Pulse driver for flux gate magnetometer
17 * 4,384,254 Oscillator/driver circuit for fluxgate magnetometer
18  5,652,512 Advanced digital flux gate magnetometer
19  5,334,935 Apparatus and method for detecting weak magnetic fields
having a saturable core shaped to cancel magnetic fields parallel to the
20  5,278,500 Planar, core saturation principle, low flux magnetic field
21  5,270,648 Single core triaxial flux-gate magnetometer
22  5,187,437 Magnetic field detector for detecting Earth's magnetic
23  5,091,697 Low power, high accuracy magnetometer and magnetic field
strength measurement method
24  4,933,637 Apparatus for detecting a magnetic field having an
excitation current source unit, a detection unit and a current control
source unit
25  4,914,381 Direct-coupled fluxgate current sensor
26  4,475,078 System for reading magnetic sensors for fault location in
gas-insulated electrical apparatus
27  4,290,018 Magnetic field strength measuring apparatus with
triangular waveform drive means
28  4,277,751 Low-power magnetometer circuit with constant current drive

29  4,272,724 Magnetic modulator for magnetic field detection
differentially outputting magnetic core noise
30  4,262,427 Flux valve compass system

The above is a good education in fluxgates for free over the web.  Some
other references that should be available at any university library are
(the first three being particulary good):

M.H.Acuna, IEEEE Trans. Magn. Vol. MAG-10, p.521, 1974 "A Fluxgate
Magnetometer with a Metallic Glass Core"

Engelter, IEEE Trans. Magen. Vol. Mag-22, No.4, p.299, 7/86 "Major Noise
Reduction in the Eddy-Current Sensor for DC and Low-Frequency Magnetic
Fields", Proc. of the IEEE, Vol.74, No.7, p.1049, 7/86

D.I.Gordon, and R.E.Brown, "Recent advances in fluxgate magnetometry,"
IEEE Trans. Magn., vol.MAG-8, pp.76-82, 1972

B.ZKaplan & R. Rabinovice, "Eddy current sensor for dc and low-frequency
magnetic fields," Proc. IEEE, vol.73, p.1147-1148, 1985

D.I.Gordon, R.H.Lundsten, and R.A.Chiarodo, "Factors affecting the
sensitivity of gamma-level ring-core magnetometers," IEEE Trans. Magn.
vol.MAG-1, pp.330-337, 1965

F. Primdahl. "The fluxgate magnetometer," J.Phys.E, vol.12, p.241-253,

D.I.Gordon, R.H.Lundsten, and R.A.Chiarodo, "A fluxgate sensor of high
stability for low field magnetometry," IEEE Trans. Magn. vol.MAG-4,
pp.397-401, 1968

S.V.Marshall, "A gamma-level portable ring-core magnetometer," IEEE
Trans. Magn. vol.MAG-7, p 183-185, 1971


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