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Subject: SDR- GPS Problems
From: "Francesco" franuc@......
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 00:04:00 +0200

Hi guys.

From some days I've many problem with SDR and GPS system.
SDR lock the right time from GPS input (with a great difference), but =
after this operation, immediately appear this message: "bad GPS Time =
Information".  And so many times during the day.=20
In the last two days a crash happened on the system: when I returned at =
my home I found the time on Sdr out of reality:  ~  -5 hours !!!!!!!! =
and I can't replay the traces of the day.....

Until 4 days ago, Sdr run on a PC Pentium 75 under network with a =
Pentium 500, and all work fine.
Then I disabling the net to allow me to install the new ISDN internal =
modem (for the mine new phone and ISP fast line) into the PC Pentium 500 =
(the modem is incompatible with ethernet card because of the same =
For more information, SDR runs under Win95, but in dos mode.
Since I have disabled the net, I have necessity to connect to it by =
modem with a remote PC and then with the only dos mode I can't =

The last problem.
Wich is the right feauture to set SDR time from digital input of GPS? =
I've insert on Larry's board connector (the right pin) a cable from 1PPS =
output of the GPS card, removing the RS232 connection and setting the =
line on F6 SDR menu.Unfortunately, without results: the time was not =

Can someone help me understand and  resolve these serious problems?

Thanks  to all.

Francesco       PSN Italy


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