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Subject: WinQuake and San Jose Array SEED files
From: Edward Cranswick cranswick@........
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 14:00:20 -0600

    I just showed a couple of USGS colleagues, Art Frankel and Mark Meremonte,
your beta version of Winquake that reads the SEED files generated by the San Jose
Array , and they were very impressed. Given
this opportunity to experiment more with WinQuake myself, I was also very
impressed with some of its many capabilities to process and display several
channels of data. With a few more tweaks to some of the amplitude scaling
features -- which could be implemented as part of your new PSN format suggestion
-- WinQuake could do much of the ground-motion analysis I do: I would no longer
have to futz around with my FORTRAN code written in the early 1980's.

Larry Cochrane wrote:

> Greetings,
> Recently I created a web page at
> that documents a new PSN event file format I would like to propose we use
> once software is written to handle the new format. This format would
> replace the existing type 3 format (see
> currently being used by PSN
> stations. The reason for this change is to add new fields needed to better
> describe the stations seismometer etc.
> As you can see from the document the event file is broken up into 4
> sections. The first being the fixed header section. This part of the event
> file would supply the most common information needed by a program like
> WinQuake to display the event data.
> The next section is variable in length. it would contain variable length
> strings (up to 254 characters in length) used for the comment, station
> location, sensor information etc It would also contain other information
> not in the fixed sections of the header. The format of this section is
> designed so that new fields can be added in the future without changing the
> overall format of the event file.
> The next sections is the seismogram data. The data array can be either 16
> bit integer, 32 bit integer or floating point. After the data is two CRC-16
> bytes. This is used to verify the integrity of the headers and data sections.
> I'm also proposing a PSN Volume file. This would contain 2 or more PSN type
> 4 event records placed in one file. See the bottom of the psnformat4.html
> document for the format of this file.
> If I left anything fields out that you think are needed please let me know.
> Regards,
> Larry Cochrane
> Redwood City, PSN
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