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Subject: Re: New PSN event file format.
From: Larry Cochrane cochrane@..............
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 22:39:57 -0700

Hi Arie,

At 08:59 PM 6/26/00 +0800, you wrote:
>Hi, Maybe a silly question. Will the new format program be
>able to read the older formats? I tend to keep all events
>and on occasions go back in the record. Maybe a conversion

WinQuake will continue to read and write the old PSN format as well as the
new one. Once the new format is in place I would also create a conversion
program that can be used to convert old formatted files to the new format.

>Also in the listing the "A/D Resolution" is 12 or 16, should this
>have some relationship to the "Structure Types Lengths".

This field would hold how many bits the A/D converter has. The 12 and 16
are only examples. I just changed the field name to "A/D Bit Resolution".
Maybe that will make the field name clearer.

>One thing that would be keen, could a field show the type of
>FFT filtering that was used? 

This is one of the fields that would go into the variable length section. I
just added ID type 6 that will be used to hold this type of information. 

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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