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Subject: Re: New PSN event file format.
From: "angel@chi" angel@............
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 08:27:11 -0500

Hello Larry,

Sunday, June 25, 2000, 11:33:35 PM, you wrote:

LC> Recently I created a web page at
LC> that documents a new PSN event file format I would like to propose we use
LC> once software is written to handle the new format. This format would
LC> replace the existing type 3 format (see
LC> currently being used by PSN
LC> stations. The reason for this change is to add new fields needed to better
LC> describe the stations seismometer etc.

I think the new format looks nice.

One of my concerns has been the name of the files themselves lead to
confusion now and then.  It would be nice if Winquake could rename
files made by SDR so they got away from the 8.3 limitations and
contained lots more information.  i.e. for a single event file the
name below gives the date and time to the second. File type which in
this case is "S" for standard  then the name of the station 5, then
that it is a single channel then the sensor orientation information



Then this file name for a volume file, this give the date and time
station and the fact that this volume file has four events in it.


These are the files names that are used by Seisan and I'm sure that
there are others that beat out this one the DOS limited names.

Best regards,
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