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Subject: Re: VERY unusual Mars geological features
From: Edward Cranswick cranswick@........
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 16:25:28 -0600

    I have enough problems without worrying about the MARTIANS!!! ...
but I am glad that someone from the PSN is keeping an eye out for them.
    Forced to make a statement commensuate with the honor of
"geoscientist", I would say that the worms are lava tubes, but then
again, maybe some spaced-out nerdess/nerd at JPL is running wild with
the VR software. The worms, and the pinyon pines on the alluvial fan are
certainly fascinating, though. Thanks for the tip.
    Let me know when global warming begins to cook us.

meredith lamb wrote:

> Hi all,
> Well, maybe not seismic in the PSN sense, but seismic in
> the visual effects department, are acouple Mars web photos:
> Go to the lower left hand corner, they look for all the world
> (Mars) like earth worms!  Sand dunes with crystalline sheen???
> (overview and technical data)
> The below are "polka dotted" sand dunes; again in  the lower
> bottom left of the images:
> Iron oxide stains on ice or crystalline dunes???
> (overview and data for the previous photo)
> Credit for the references to Scott Little and Bob Lamb.
> The features "could be" artifacts or errors of some
> sort?
> Meredith Lamb
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