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Subject: ELF precursor to Honshu Japan
From: Arie Verveer ajbv@............
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 10:08:32 +0800

Hi, This may be of interest. For the last three weeks one of my stations
channels is an ELF detector (au4). It was set up to confirm or deny some
magnetic effects that I observed from a fluxgate magnetometer. But in the
process the device has captured some tantalizing traces that may be
associated with large quakes. Basically what Charlie Plyler has suggested.

Anyhow a good example of such a trace has been sent to the event files.
000704a.au4 on the 7/4/00. It shows increased activity some 4.6 hours
before the mb5.4 Honshu quake. Similarly but with less intensity an
increase of activity occurred some 2.6 hours for the Honshu Mb6.1 event
on the 7/1/00.  Maybe the less intensity quake has a better signal due
to some heating effects from the previous quakes. Maybe?

Also from the Chile earthquake (Mw6.4 6/16/00 7:55:35 UTC) there has been some
amazing ELF radiation matches. There appears to be ELF detection as various 
phases bounce through the same active area 120 km below the surface. As there 
are no "P" and "S" arrival times the station recorded the event as it happened.
So far I've been waiting for another big quake in Chile to confirm these readings.
One thing,  I get the impression that the deeper quakes show better traces.

I would be interested in any views. I for one, believed that ELF radiation would
be local to an event, if detected at all. Maybe i'm wrong, I have been known
to be.


Ps: The file 000704a.au4 is 8 hours long.

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