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Subject: Re: noisy power supply
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Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 09:20:35 EDT

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<< It may also be worth while making up a separate plus and minus 12 volt
 regulated non switch mode power supply for the analogue parts of the
 electronics. I do this in computers where I need to get clean audio in and
 out. >>

    Dual plus and minus power supplies (non-switching) are easily made from 
parts all of which are usually in stock at your local Radio Shack. Buy two 
12.6-volt transformers, Two full-wave bridge rectifiers, Two 1000 mfd 
electrolitic capacitors, Two 12-volt positive regulators and two 0.1 mfd 
capacitors. Build two separate 12-volt power supplies and hook them in series 
to make a +12V, -12V dual power supply. Radio Shack sells a little book about 
power supplies which you should also buy if you are not sure how to hook the 
above stuff together. With the help of the little book anybody can build 
their own dual power supply for far less than an off-the-shelf dual supply 
would cost.

Have fun,

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