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Subject: noisy power supply
From: Angel Rodriguez angel@............
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 22:33:54 -0500

Hello John,

Wednesday, July 05, 2000, 4:29:02 PM, you wrote:

JH>    We often have these problems in our labs.  I have an inelegant solution to
JH> this problem.  I take aluminum foil, cover both sides in paper and tape it
JH> shut and wrap it around the data recording portion of the cards.  It
JH> completely eliminates noise...but it looks like hell.

The new computer that is causing the problem is not even one of the the
seismo computers, it's just on the same network.  It's an NT
machine that routes between my local network and the network that I
get my Internet signal from.  I had to make an 2.4 ghz link to my house
since the nearest phone line is 6 miles away.

From your suggestion I assume that it might be that the noise is
coming the the air as RF interference.  I will try to make some more
shielding as you suggest.

I have a new 3 component broadband that I have kludged into Larry's
board.  It's flat between 23 second and 40 Hz.  I post the PSN files
on an FTP at anonymous no password.

For now I have only been collecting data but I hope to start some sort
of long term project. If you have any ideas please let me know.  I am
trying to make the leap between seismometry and seismology.  My
interest run towards local events since the network run by the
University of Panama probably can't see events much below 2.5 Md.




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