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Subject: McWilliams Magnetometer
From: The Lahrs johnjan@........
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 08:15:56 -0600

Hi Cap,

I received the information you sent me on the McWilliams magnetometer.
Would it be OK if I posted this information on my web page?  If so, how would
I credit the design and the text?

My parents live in Brookfield, CT.  It would be fun to get together the 
next time
I visit, which will probably be next November.  I would love to see all of your
instruments.  I'm also interested in K-12 education, science fairs, etc. 
and agree
with your posting a while back that if kids get into building their own 
they will learn more about science than by any other means.

 >>. If you or anyone else would
like a copy a Solar Bulletin that describes the McWilliams magnetometer in
detail with drawings and a schematic of the Wheatstone bridge, just send a
self addressed envelope to me at my address below and I'll be glad to send
you a copy. The photocell displacement transducer might also work quite well
on a seismograph.
Casper H. Hossfield
PO Box 23
New Milford, NY 10959

John C. Lahr
1925 Foothills Road
Golden, CO 80402
(303) 215-9913

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