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Subject: Re[2]: noisy power supply
From: Angel Rodriguez angel@............
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 04:34:25 -0500

Hello Chris,

Thursday, July 06, 2000, 4:18:24 PM, you wrote:

Cac> In a message dated 05/07/00 05:48:05 GMT Daylight Time, angel@............ 
Cac> writes:
>>  I just got me new computer and much to my chagrin now all four of the
>>  traces on SDR are much noisier.  Little spikes, jus ta few counts.  When I 
>> turn off the
>>  new computer the noise goes away and when turn it on the noise comes
>>  back.  Obviously one solution is to not turn on the computer.  Are there
>>  any others?

Cac>     Two quick thoughts. Have you checked that the Earth connection to your 
Cac> power socket really IS Earth and it's resistance? Second, it's a new computer 
Cac> and it is giving problems --- COMPLAIN and demand that the shop get it fixed. 
Cac> Why should YOU have to solve the problem?

Cac>     Regards, 

Cac>     Chris
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Hi Chris,

You should come to Panama and try to return anything! Oh well, living
here does have many advantage but returning things isn't one of them.
 I can hardly get most things!

 I do know that my Earth connections are not the greatest, but I'm not
 sure what to do about it.  I have a wire going from the equipment
 rack to a ground rod.  The AC power comes from an inverter that is about
 75 feet away and also has
 a ground rod.  From the inverter I get the AC via two wires, (no
 ground wire.  The computers and power supplies to the seismos are
 powered by the inverter (modified sine wave). The monitors and non-essential stuff is
 powered from the gird and that does have a ground wire that I assume
 goes to a ground rod, quite possibly the same on the inverter is tied
 to.  The power goes out for more than an hour at least once a week
 and every day there are dropout that last from a few milliseconds to
 a second.  Clean power is also not one of the thing you live here
 for!  I'm open to any grounding suggestions, I have considered just
 running a big copper wire to everything and to a central ground rod.


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