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Subject: Re: McWilliams Magnetometer
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Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 10:28:32 EDT

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<< I received the information you sent me on the McWilliams magnetometer.
 Would it be OK if I posted this information on my web page?  If so, how would
 I credit the design and the text? >>
Hi John,
    OK to put the McWilliams magnetometer article on your web page. Credit it 
to the September 1998 issue of the Solar Bulletin which is published by the 
American Association of Variable Star Observers, AAVSO. It is simple 
easy-to-build instrument that is suitable as a science fair project and yet 
it is sensitive and accurate enough to make recordings of magnetic storms 
that are duplicates of those made by nearby USGS magnetic stations. It's hard 
to tell the difference. Next time you travel to Connecticut let me know and 
I'll draw you a map how to find my farm and we can enjoy a good visit. I live 
way back in the woods on a mountain.

Best regards,

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