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Subject: noisy power supply
From: Angel Rodriguez angel@............
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 02:22:38 -0500

Hi All,

Just a note to thank Chris, Mike and Larry and all the others that
helped so much with what started as a noisy ATX PSU and turn out to be
completely inadequate grounds and as one person put it an "evil"
inverter and the noisy PSU.  I may have been pushing the inverter past it's limits.

My station is now about 20% quieter that the time of my first post.
And when I'm done I hope it will be lots quieter and here are some of
the thing I am gong to do.

Rework the house and system grounds so that it all converges at a
single point.  Better ground my equipment rack and all the computer

Move away from the "evil" inverter and have everything that needs to survive
a prolonged lack of grid power be on my 12v DC system.

Install suppressors on all things hooked to the mains especially
if they were purchased in Panama and that are not labeled with an EC or
FCC rf compliance certification.  As I began to unplug Panama purchased
components things got quieter.  Power supplies in local computer weight
half as much as the US bought power supplies and are lots noisier.
That was a great observation the Chris made, I would not have though
that it would have made so much difference!

Install the inductors on Larry's board.

Thanks again to all and suggestion are still always welcome!



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