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Subject: The McWilliams Magnetometer and notes & ?'s
From: meredith lamb mlamb1@..........
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 11:27:17 -0700

The Lahrs wrote:

> Hi Cap,
> I put the McWilliams Magnetometer article on this web page:
> Let me know if you seen any problems with it.  Which issue of the
> Solar Bulletin was it in?
> Cheers,
> John
> At 11:02 AM 7/11/00 , you wrote:
> >Hi John,
> >     I checked your excellent web site to see if I could refer someone to it
> >who is interested in building a McWilliams Magnetometer. As it is now I have
> >to send them photocopies of Jim Mandaville's article in the Solar Bulletin by
> >snail mail. Besides his magnetometer Jim also has a "whistler Receiver" that
> >is simple to build and would be very suitable to build as a science fair
> >project. Whistlers are a natural phenomenon that originate in the
> >magnetosphere where the magnetic storms occur so both can be projects to
> >learn about the geophysics of the Earth's magnetosphere. We are approaching
> >solar maximum when whistlers and magnetic storms are both plentiful. Are you
> >interested in whistlers and would you like to add the whistler receiver to
> >your science projects?
> >Best regards,
> >Cap

Hi all,

I note that the Forcefield/Wondermagnet web site has a
relatively big (6" length, 1" width by 1/2" thick) ceramic
(ferrite) magnet for sale for U.S. $5.50 each.  800 gauss.
The flat surface maybe easier to work with than a round
rod.  Whether or not they are adequate for this application
I don't know.  I'd question whether a series of neodymium
magnets could be better or worse than a item like this in
comparison trials.  One might even add on a neo or two on
the ends of this, and see if it helps the sensitivity aspect?  See:

Meredtih Lamb


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