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Subject: coil/magnet design
From: sean@...........
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 12:14:38 -0500 (CDT)


The magazine "Motion Control" is different from  "Motion"; both are
industry freebies with lots of advertising and free literature.

Regarding the new coil/magnet transducer: I described the coil winding 
on December 26, and the magnet made from parts bought from McMaster
on January 31, which included info on the generator constant of the
assembly. Do I need to repeat the postings?

I haven't had time to scan the drawings and post photos. With the 100 ohm,
1200 turn coil producing about 10 Newtons/Ampere (Volts/M/sec), the 
output is about the same as the large speaker magnet, but the coil
clearance is such that about +,- 2 mm of movement at a distance of
only 10 cm from the flexure point does not result in jamming. This
would allow for a leaf-spring vertical of half the size of the original.
The new magnet is only 1.5" OD, and the coil is 5/8" ID x 3/4" OD
and 5/8" long at the inside winding.

Let me know if I need to repeat the coil/magnet info.



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