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Subject: Re: strange jumps
From: Bob Smith bobsmith5@........
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 09:04:06 -0400

Heres a really off the wall thought.

Do you have a local radio or TV station that drops carrier
and starts up again at the posted times?  Maybe you have
some RFI problems.

	Bob Smith

John Tacinelli wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is John Tacinelli and I am new to the list.  I have one of the Ward's seismographs.  It is working pretty well ( I pi
cked up the Kodiak Island quake on the 10th.)  My problem is that at 8:45 PM every night I get a sudden increase (or decrease) 
in voltage through my amplifier that causes the trace to move off to the right hand side of the screen.  It stays there until 5
:45 every morning.  Then it goes right back.  The seismograph itself doesnt seem to move.  I have run it on an uninterruptible 
power supply and it still does it.  I watched it happen tonight and I could detect no environmental change in the area of the s
> The seismograph is set up at the school where I teach.  Maintenance thought it might be the outside lights turning on but tha
t happens much earlier.  That timing happens to coincide with the setting and rising of the sun (pretty close) but I can't thin
k of anything solar that could affect a magnetic coil inside a building in a time span of about 2 seconds. I should mention tha
t I have contacted Wards and they are stumped.  Also the timing seems to be getting earlier, both in the evening and morning by
 about 30-40 seconds every day.  If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it since this problem is very vexing.  Tha
nks alot.  I hope to be a regular contributor and I look forward to hearing from you all.
> John Tacinelli
> Earth Science Instructor
> Rochester Community and Technical College
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