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Subject: it happened again
From: "John Tacinelli" John.Tacinelli@........
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 21:26:31 -0500

Well it jumped again tonight, right on schedule.  Fortunately I was right =
there listening to KOLM radio, 1570 AM.  It jumped exactly as they went =
off the air.  It must be their carrier signal during the day that keeps it =
in one place and then when it goes off the signal changes.  Unfortunately, =
my homemade aluminum foil box shield did not work.  At least not enough.  =
The folks at KOLM say they are going to get their 24 hour license soon so =
perhaps I will wait till then and depend on their steady signal to keep it =
centered.  I would like to shield it however.  I could add more tinfoil =
but it seems unlikely to help much.  Perhaps a wire cage of some sort?

John Tacinelli
Earth Science Instructor
Rochester Community and Technical College


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