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Subject: Re: it happened again
From: BOB BARNS roybar@........
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 09:48:29 -0400

  Try to find an amateur radio operator.  Many of them have had
experience with shielding against radio freq. interference.
Bob Barns

John Tacinelli wrote:
> Well it jumped again tonight, right on schedule.  Fortunately I was right there listening to KOLM radio, 1570 AM.  It jumped 
exactly as they went off the air.  It must be their carrier signal during the day that keeps it in one place and then when it g
oes off the signal changes.  Unfortunately, my homemade aluminum foil box shield did not work.  At least not enough.  The folks
 at KOLM say they are going to get their 24 hour license soon so perhaps I will wait till then and depend on their steady signa
l to keep it centered.  I would like to shield it however.  I could add more tinfoil but it seems unlikely to help much.  Perha
ps a wire cage of some sort?
> John Tacinelli
> Earth Science Instructor
> Rochester Community and Technical College
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