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Subject: Re: book "About Earthquakes" (1956)
From: ted@..........
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 16:56:51 -0400


Wow, very labor intensive.  Luckily student labor is cheap (esp. grad
students...) :-)

I agree that overlapping traces on a drum recorder are a bear to decipher.
In fact in Eiby's book I was trying to see why he picked and marked various
phases on a paper record reproduced in the book.  For the life of me I
couldn't figure out why he put P, PP, PPP etc. where he did...until I
realized that he was marking one revolution before where I was looking.
The L waves completely over-wrote the P wave arrival unless you looked very
closely...and it is not a very clear reproduction.  Hopefully on an
original tracing it would be a bit easier.

Regards, Ted


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