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Subject: Re: Questions from a beginner
From: Ed Thelen ethelen@........
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 16:30:55 -0700

Tom Schmitt wrote:
> You can also rent concrete saws at most rental stores.
> Also concrete blades on skill saws can cut through basement ok but I find
> that cutting more than an inch or so with an electric saw to be a pain.

I am now an "expert" concrete cutter.
Wanted to make 2 straight cuts in a sidewalk (no re-enforcing iron wire)
each about 2 feet long.

Bought 3 "ceramic" abrasive blades for my skill type saw.
Wore out the abrasive blades with out much to show for it
except teaspoons of abrasive to sweep up.  Cut fast, cut slow,
all the same - blades died quickly.

Bought a diamond blade (with great fear of damaging the 
fragile damonds.  No worry, easy does it - the diamond saw
cut faster, and finished the job, and the saw looks almost new.

   Ed Thelen

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