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Subject: Holes in the trampoline
From: "Larry Conklin" lconklin@............
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 20:20:29 -0400


Thanks all for the interesting suggestions.  My wife already thinks I'm
crazy.  If I start cutting holes in the basement floor I'd probably wind up
sleeping with the seismograph in the dog house!

Actually, my problem isn't too bad, since I currently have the sensor under
a room that gets very little traffic.  Part of my problem is that the
basement has a couple of interior walls that communicate weight on the floor
above down to the concrete floor.  No matter where I put the thing, I can't
get very far from a wall.

Forgot to mention in my original post that I'm located near Syracuse, NY.
Not exactly a hotbed of seismic activity, so I expect that most of my
catches will be of the teleseismic variety.



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