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Subject: Re: Holes in the trampoline
From: ChrisAtUpw@.......
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 21:36:18 EDT

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> Thanks all for the interesting suggestions.

    Some more random thoughts....
> My wife already thinks I'm crazy. 

    She is complaining because her judgement was only 99% correct?

> If I start cutting holes in the basement floor I'd probably wind up
> sleeping with the seismograph in the dog house!

    Er, could you put the seismograph in the doghouse and the dog in the 

> The noise level does seem lower at night, when there isn't any
> activity in the house.  I understand that there are continuous microseisms
> with a period of around 6 seconds (?).  They aren't obvious in my records,
> perhapse because I don't have the LF gain set high enough. 

    The filters are usually designed to reject this range..... Otherwise you 
may not see any teleseisms..... You could try wedging or clamping the 
pendulum and looking at the noise again..... What you see should now all be 
instrumental. Most SG's have a magnet on them, so they can also pick up 
magnetic field changes.... The Earth's field has been quite 'disturbed' 



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