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Subject: Re: book "About Earthquakes"
From: John Taber taber@.............
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 17:32:10 +1200 (NZST)

>George is sadly no longer with us. He worked at the Institute of
>Geophysics here in Wellington as I recall. He has published a number of
>books, many aimed at laymen, Earthquakes was published in a revised
>edition in the 80s. And Volcanoes was published about the time George
>died which is a while ago now.

I think George would have been a keen supporter of the PSN, as in his
will he set up the Planet Earth Fund, for the encouragement of the study
of earthquakes, earth properties and astronomy.  The terms of the fund
say that there should be no distinction between amateur and professional

>>in 1971-2 .. Student would spend
>>their hours taking paper traces from drum recorders and by using a
>>crossbar sight and following the ink line,  "Click" the location on
>>the x/y plotting board as each second tick was reached.

>Wow, very labor intensive.  Luckily student labor is cheap (esp. grad
>students...) :-)

Hand digitising of old records  (by grad students, of course 8-) )
continues today, usually for source mechanism studies of particularly
interesting old earthquakes. 


John Taber


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