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Subject: Re: Questions from a beginner
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Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 16:58:04 EDT

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<< I think beginner's should be aware there there are two factions to PSN
 members....Those that take all this VERY SERIOUSLY  and some of us  that 
just enjoy building, trying this and that, and learning. >>


Not really. There is actually a continuum rather than two factions. It is 
best to start near the non-serious end of continuum to get a feel for how a 
seismograph works before advancing up the continuum toward very serious. It 
is said that moderation in all things is best and this probably applies to an 
amateurs interest in seismology. If you get so serious that you have concrete 
trucks pulling up on your front lawn filling a big six-foot-deep hole you dug 
in the basement with concrete, someone is apt to call the cops and have you 
taken off to the loony bin for committing violence against your basement 
floor !!! 

Better be careful -----

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