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Subject: Re: Questions from a beginner
From: "Larry Conklin" lconklin@............
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 14:00:34 -0400

Barry Lotz wrote:

> Larry and John
>     Larry, I don't mind sending you the code. However when I write or
> code the last thing in the process is documentation and user friendlyness
:-} .

Please send me a copy.  I'm a retired software engineer and believe me, I'm
used to
having no documentation for "legacy" code.  Besides, I like puzzles.

> I somewhat agree with John wrt modifying data. I use the filtered data in
> triggering routine but when the trigger has been set I record it all. On
> line of thinking, wouldn't one have similar trouble recovering data after
> analog filtering?

Point well taken.  I don't think you should ever get rid of your original
"raw" data.
I have'nt really entertained the idea of analog filetering of the data, but
the idea of
using some sort of digital filter on the data coming off the A-D seems like
a natural.

>      Long ago and far away I was wanting to place a remote sensor in a non
> functioning gold mine (with permission)  near my house or in a remote site
in a
> national forest.  I therefore was concerned about storage and power.  As a
> consequence I have been working on an elaborate trigger routine to only
> events I was able to catch, (kind of like fishing I guess). With available
> cards that store several megs of data, and the possibility of modems and
> the internet, working about storage space and trigger routines maybe
> now.

Half the fun for me has been developing my own data capture software.  My
original concept
was to trigger on events and only save the data that encompasses the event.
It's harder than I'd
expected to distinguish a real event from random stuff (with an algorithm).
Interesting, since
about half of the events I've recorded were caught because I happened to be
watching the
data come in and it was immediately obvious that something interesting was
happening.  It
ain't easy to come up with an algorithm that works as well as a "meathead"
processor.  I'm
not yet willing to go to a "record everything and look later" system, but it
makes a lof of sense
to go that way



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