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Subject: Re: update on radio interference
From: twleiper@........
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 23:13:50 -0400

On Tue, 08 Aug 2000 20:26:54 -0400 BOB BARNS  writes:
> Hi gang,
>   I agree that bypassing is well worth trying but I would go a lot
> farther than 5000pf.  Certainly 0.1 microfarad would not hurt and 1 
> mic would very likely be OK.  Hang a capacitor (to ground) on both the 
> input and output of the amp.
> Bob Barns

My experience is with bypassing is from many years of cleaning up
rooms loaded with 2-way radio equipment, and often the inductive
of larger caps decreases their effectiveness. Often several 1000pf work
than the equivalent in a single cap. For VHF/UHF bypassing the usual was
470 - 1000pf on lower impedence circuits, and broadcast about 5000pf. In
this case
I would start with the 5000pf and see if there is any change at all. The
ideal would
be to have all the amps in an aluminum box and use feed-thru caps for all

That would absolutely work.

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