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Subject: Re: Newcomer questions
From: "Ted Blank/Santa Teresa/IBM" ted@..........
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 11:16:17 -0400

Hi Brett,

I ran a seismometer (home-built Lehman, my first) in the basement of our
apartment building in Tokyo (Minato-ku) in 1992-93.  It was a concrete slab
basement floor and I got good recordings of local and distant quakes.  When
we were about to return to the US, an IBM friend in Yamato helped me donate
that sensor to the Yamato High School where it may still be running.  I
know it recorded the Kobe quake because a picture of the sensor was in a
Yamato newspaper with the students' recording of the quake.  I can give you
the name and phone number of my friend if you want to contact him, he also
has an amateur interest in seismology.  Send me a note offline if you're
interested.  What do you do in Tokyo?

Ted Blank


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