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Subject: Re: Russian sub explosion
From: "J. D. Cooley" jdcooley@.............
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 23:52:56 -0700

At 12:19 AM 8/19/00 -0400,  Bill Scolnik  wrote:
>I noticed on the news this evening that the explosion that caused the 
>Russian submarine to sink was powerful enough to have been recorded by a 
>number of stations - they showed a couple of nice traces- (not sure where 
>though). I thought I'd try and find it in my records. Does anyone know what 
>time it took place?
>Bill Scolnik

The time given of the largest of the two explosions (and the one that
measured M3.5) was 07:30:42 GMT.  

I have used the autoDRM to download data for that time period from the
Norway stations (they are the ones that recorded the M3.5) and from the
Russian stations.  I used the following stations:  MA2, PET, ULN, YAK, KBS,
KONO, and YSS.  

The data from the Russian stations showed no noticeable activity around
that time.  The interesting thing was that ALL channels from the Norway
stations (KBS and KONO) had missing data (not 18 minutes [Nixon Tapes]) at
about the time the shock wave would have arrived at the Norway stations.  

Probably just a coincidence!!??

"JD" Cooley


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