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Subject: SDR and Networking
From: "Rex Klopfenstein, Jr." rklopfen@.........
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 18:12:11 -0400

I have a problem!

I have a system running under DOS (WIN98) which has my SDR.  I have it
networked to my server via NetBEUI.  I also have the rest of my house
wired via TCP/IP.  The house network on one server network card and the
SDR computer on a second server network card.

I have the Autoexec.bat and config.sys set up per instructions that come
with SDR card.  The "net start" and "net logon" lines of batch file
execute without an error.  I get a "error 53" (path can't be located)
when the "net use" executes.

My server name is SERVER1 and the shared directory I am using for the
SDR is named SEISDATA.  I use the following: C:\WIN98\net use G:

By the way, I had this setup running for six months.  When I installed
ORACLE database (with network options) onto the server, that's when
things went wrong.  I have since reinstalled NT 4.0 Server, but I can't
seem to get SDR to find my shared server directories

Rex Klopfenstein, Jr.
Bowling Green, OH


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