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Subject: Re: serial port data logging software?
From: The Lahrs johnjan@........
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 16:43:13 -0600


I like the software that Alan Jones wrote to log data from the
AS1 seismometer  (see: )
It reads the output of the AS1 AD and stores the data continuously
to disk.  There's a bit more information on the software, named
AmaSeis, here:

I believe that Alan may be willing to share the source code if anyone
would like to modify it to work with a different AD.


At 10:52 AM 9/4/00 , you wrote:
>I am looking for some PC software to log the data
>from a Lehman system I am building.  My home
>brew amp/ADC now sends 16 bit ASCII data records
>to my PC serial port at about 16 SPS.  Ideally
>the software would store the data in daily files, display
>24 hours of data, and allow for creating WinQuake
>compatible files.  It would also be nice if it could
>work in background on a Windows PC so that the
>machine could be used for other tasks while
>logging data.
>It appears that the most commonly used data logging
>programs, SDR and EMON, are not currently set up
>to accept serial port input data.
>Does anyone know of any other software that
>could log serial port data for seismic analysis?
>I suppose I could write my own software, but I do
>not want to reinvent this wheel if a perfectly good
>one is available elsewhere.  On the other hand, if
>nothing is currently available, is anyone else
>interested in this type of software?  I think I might
>be able to hack something suitable in VB6,
>especially with the help some beta testers who
>know the seismic game better than I do.
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