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Subject: Re: coil winding
From: barry lotz gbl@.......
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 18:32:07 -0700

Sean Thomas
  Thanks for the response. I had interpreted your 26 Dec 1999 posting as you
had constructed a formless coil to speaker . I have constructed one of the
formless coils as you have described it back in Dec. I just need to construct
the disk sections. I was going to use 0.25" mild steel plate since I have
access to a bandsaw and tap set. I let you know how the G factor comes out.
    Wrt  forming  a coil to an existing speaker. What I thought might be
possible , and I plan to try ) would be to separate the speaker components
with solvent such as carb. cleaner ( it takes some time but is possible). I
would then cover the male portion of the magnet assembly with some layers of
thin material such as paper or foil to the desired id.This would be the form
for the coil to be wound.  After the coil is constructed I would epoxy the
iron and magnet back together. I gather that this maybe a lot of unnessary
work for the additional  output. I thought if I tried it, it would be on a
small speaker such as a 4"-6" since this is more in line with the McMaster
Carr magnet size and much less expensive than a 10-12" sub woofer.

PS.  I had some difficulty locating correction tape for determining coil
layers so I used white nail polish. It seems also to work.


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