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Subject: Re: seis on ebay
From: mariotti mauro mariottim@......
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 20:48:44 +0200

Excuse me gang...!

What's Ebay?
It's a web site where find seismometers or others interesting things???

Mauro Mariotti

At 10.57 06/09/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>The Ranger Seismometer is a seismometer.  If memory serves, the natural
>frequency is about 1 Hz, but it might have been adjustable over a small
>range.  It can be used as either a vertical or horizontal seismometer. 
>The big knob is used to adjust the support spring to center the mass in
>either position, and the feet are designed to support it in either
>position.  The little window is used to see when the mass is centered.
>The mass can be clamped for easy transit.  As I recall, it has a
>calibration coil.
>It was named after the original "Ranger" moon study program, which
>carried three of these in an orthogonal configuration (less the aluminum
>case) to the surface of the moon for seismic studies. Once landed on the
>moon, little motors centered the units.
>Assuming it still works, this unit would be an excellent, short-period
>seismometer for your seismic station.
>BOB BARNS wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   Ebay # 430096282 (ends 9/12) is a "Kinemetrics Ranger Seismometer".
>> It looks interesting but I don't know what it is.
>> Perhaps someone in the group can post some info about it.
>> Bob Barns
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