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Subject: Possible volcanic activity in Western India
From: "Stacey S. Martin" 9point1@.......
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 15:28:47 +0530

Hi everyone,
          This is the first time I'm actually sending a message on this
mailing list, so here goes.
          Since August 9th, the city of Bhavnagar has been experiencing
an earthquake swarm. Two large events occured. One on August 13th
(4.7Mb) and on September 12th (4.4ML). After yesterday's quake, steam
and vapour was emitted from cracks that developed in the earth. I know
that this phenomenon is not uncomman during and after earthquakes
scientists are all saying that there could be volcanic activity in this
region. One scientist from the NGRI attributed the quakes to "sea-floor
spreading". The region being shaken is the western shore of Gulf of
Khambat. It lies in the south-eastern part of the state of Gujarat, in
western India. This region does have hot springs (mentioned just in case
they bear any relation to volcanic activity). It is in a structure
called the "Cambay Rift". It also lies in Indian Seismic Zone 4 making
it vulnerable to earthquakes of magnitude 7.
          Could the part of a volcano be something worth following up
on??? Or would this be a realy interesting seismic swarm???? REally
confused here. Western India has had more than its share of quakes this
year. Eight magnitude 4+ quakes have occured since March 2000, 3 of
which were magnitude 5+ in Koyna (in the neighbouring state of

Yours seismically,
Stacey S. Martin : )


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