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Subject: A Prayer for Bhavnagar
From: "Stacey S. Martin" 9point1@.......
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 10:49:37 +0530

Hi everyone,
            I am wondering if anyone recalls reading an article in the
May 1984 National Geographic about the seismic swarm in the Campania
area of Italy, especially in the Pozzuoli area. The article was called
"A Prayer For Pozzuoli". They had dozens of tremors and there was also a
regional uplift of a couple of meters in the early 1980's. This was
attributed to magma moving into the region below the city (please
forgive my description, volcanoes are not really my cup of tea). There
were also fumaroles in the Bay of Naples (dunno if these were always
there or had only just started).
           This region is known to lie in a volcanic caldera. Is it
possible that there may be other volcanic calderas threat are dormant
and unknown of ? Or would regions in a rift, experience this kind of a
phenomenon, as in Africa? Bhavnagar lies in the Cambay Rift, and has had
dozens of tremors (41 as of today, since 12th September). Could it be
possible to draw some sort of a parallel between the Pozzuoli event and
the rifting in Africa ?? ?
            A lot of weird and unusual activity going on here in western
India. We have never had so many tremors in so few days. It used to be
thrilling to hear of a tremor on the news. But now they are in the news
nearly everyday.

Yours seismically,
Stacey S. Martin :  )
P.S. the crack that formed was 25 feet long and 3 inches wide. "Hot air"
was said to be constantly emitted from it and crowds had gathered to
watch the phenomenon.


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