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Subject: Re: predictions and arrivals
From: "John Tacinelli" John.Tacinelli@........
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 15:50:38 -0500

No, I have not cured it.  It continues.  It has gotten more choppy with =
the radio station apparently cutting out during the day sometimes.  It may =
be that when they get their all day liscence they will not interfere as =
much.  I hope. However I have no idea how to fix or block or filter it so =
I guess I am stuck with it.  I have tried all suggestions without success.
Lately I have had the instrument centered at night when the station is off =
air and all is quiet.  During the day, it is off to the left and noisy.  =
If anyone thinks of anything new, let me know.

John Tacinelli
Earth Science Instructor
Rochester Community and Technical College


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