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Subject: Re: Earthquake prediction messages
From: Canie Brooks canie@...........
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 10:08:18 -0700

Hi Robert -

Thanks for the positive words - On our site we do welcome constructive 
criticism, not abusive flames - Like I mentioned, this can be a very 
emotional subject and at least I try to have a site that welcomes 
predictions, predictive methods whether they be scientific or 
psychic/sensitive and constructive adult debates.

I think we are all aware that we are a long way from accurately predicting 
100 percent of all earthquakes and may never achieve that type of accuracy, 
but there have been some legitimate inroads and some accurate predictions 

I don't think that anyone who is working on this project would consider 
evacuation of an area - I really can't see evacuating over 9 million people 
out of Los Angeles!  But we can make the public aware enough that everyone 
has food, water, flashlights, batteries, etc prepared and can be a 
supportive community in the case of an earthquake rather than a war zone 
when it does occur.


At 10:30 PM 9/17/00 -0500, Robert W. Avakian wrote:
>And where do we discuss and counter predictions such as the ones that
>caused schools to be shut down in the New Madrid area several years ago?
>As an educator I'd rather see predictions and predicting individuals on
>this site where we can politely (hint, hint) discuss and debunk their
>ideas if necessary. I have had time to just barely skim Canie's site,
>(and it looks quite well done and interesting), but I didn't see an
>obvious place to go for critical analysis of the ideas on the site.


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