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Subject: Re: Address change, etc.
From: "Erich Kern" efkern@.............
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 20:25:40 -0700

Hi John,

Congrats on your move. A warning however; my wife was on a consulting trip to The
Peoples Republic of Santa Monica ( hereinafter abbreviated PRSM) a few months ago and
was whacked with a $75. fine for jaywalking. She's a careful person and looked both
ways before crossing in the middle of the block. A motorcycle powered guardian of our
safety swooped up to write a ticket for jaywalking. On the plus side, the PRSM must
have a low crime rate if the cops have time to nail jaywalkers.

Erich Kern

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From: John Hernlund 
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Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 6:25 PM
Subject: Address change, etc.

Hi All,

   I have moved to LA, to begin grad school at UCLA.  My new e-mail address

is hernlund@.............  I look forward to further posts from the PSN

group.  Hell, maybe I can even attend one of your meetings at some point

in time.  I will not have the time to tinker with seismographs these days,

though it might be interesting to get a cheap device going for my apartment

in Santa Monica...much more activity here than in Tempe, AZ!  I do have the

opportunity to play with some seismic data from portable instruments recently

collecting data in the Snake River Plain.  We are working on the fluid

mechanics and chemistry of that region using computer models, then we are

thinking about simulating seismic waves propagating through our model results

to see how well they match the seimic data...should be interesting.


John Hernlund
Department of Earth and Space Sciences
University of California, Los Angeles


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