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Subject: wq sac format
From: "Francesco" franuc@......
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 23:20:01 +0200

Hi gang.

I noted this problem in Winquake:
when I save a file in sac_binary and  review it, the file have lost =
station inf and some other part of header.  In fact, Sac id appear in =
station form of "modify" men=F9, instead of....Rome, Los Angeles etc...

In the last week I begin to use a dos program (Iaspei) to localize =
regional event, that read sac format (ascii, also) input file. But, with =
these files saved by WQ, it's impossible to run it fine, because it =
don't recognize the sac-header (station ID and coordinates). The same =
problem with ascii format (ascii-psn..?).

It's right or it's a mistake of mine.

Francesco,  Italy


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